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Welcome to AudioSpace

Our platform lets you manage radio streaming, apps and websites in one place...

We're a friendly Leeds based team of people who love radio.

Behind us, we've got genuine experience driving audiences and producing digital content at the top level of commercial radio; plus decades of web and mobile development expertise.

AudioSpace is our awesome product. Built by our team for radio stations and instinctively easy to use.

The best way to learn more about our products is by giving them a try. Register today and try the streaming, build your app; and put together a website - it's quick and easy to do.

Made with love

Our entire platform is made by people who love radio and great code

Easy to start

We make things instinctively easy to use, just sign up and start building

Great support

Our friendly team is here to help you get the most out of our services

Always improving

We're constantly adding new features and listening to your feedback

Icecast radio streaming

Rock-solid reliability with no bandwidth limits, starting at 1,000 listener slots

We've put together an amazing streaming service and made it simple. We don't measure or limit bandwidth, you choose a quality up to 128kbps, AAC or MP3. A huge 1,000 listener slots as standard.

Our powerful Dashboard gets you online instantly and you can add multiple streams to your account. Rich statistics tell you who's listening and for how long and our awesome web player is included free!

Stream instantly

As soon as you set up an account, your stream is instantly ready to go live

Simple statistics

See who's been listening and for how long, perfect for reporting to PRS/PPL

Awesome player

Control the look and feel of a player you can use on our websites or yours

Mobile apps for radio

Built for iOS and Android devices as standard - and packed full of features

Both platforms, one price

We've built our apps smart so we can deploy them to Apple and Android devices quickly and easily. The user experience is the same on both platforms and the hosting and submission costs are included in the price. An amazing deal!

Features you'll love

Not just an easy way to listen to your station, our apps also provide listeners with details of your schedule, songs played, news, travel and weather - and a range of really easy ways to get in touch with your on-air team.

Constantly improving

We're passionate about constantly improving our products and update our apps with new features, integrations, design and stability improvements to make a listeners' mobile experience better.

Instant updates

Once launched, you can update content, images and colours instantly in the app - no releases!

Customisable design

Make the app match your branding, logo and colours with a powerful design tool in the Dashboard.

Advertising options

Pre-roll audio and image adverts, multiple banner adverts - with built-in stats to track their impact.


Add travel, news, weather, now playing data and more with easy to use integrations of industry tools.

Beautiful radio station websites

Built to look amazing on any device and super-easy for your team to manage

Powerful simplicity

Our websites are built responsive as standard, so will look great on a mobile device or desktop. They're full of features radio stations need but are incredibly straightforward to manage.

Everything included

All you need is a domain that can be pointed to us. From there, we'll take care of all the hosting and can get on with creating great content for your listeners, with our team on hand to help.

Customisable themes

It's important that your website is unique and reflects your brand. Manage the colours, layouts and content from our Dashboard instantly and choose from a growing list of themes.

Invite the team

Everyone at your station can easily make changes to your website, it's not down to just one person.

Unlimited pages

There's no restrictions on the number of articles, posts or pages you can add to your website. Go wild!

Event listings

Showcase what's going on in your area by listing events, with an easy to use listings tool as standard.

Local directory

Be a part of the community by giving sponsors and local businesses a page of their own to showcase.

Generate income

Make your site pay through built-in flexible advertising options or third party ad networks like Google.

Stylish players

Use our player or UK RadioPlayer to play your stream. Your stream can be with us or a third party provider.

Easy integrations

Simple ways to add comments, analytics, travel, weather and more from third parties or free services.

Rock-solid hosting

We take care of all the hosting and infrastructure to ensure your site is live for listeners, with 50GB of space.

Free streaming

A 1,000 slot AudioSpace IceCast stream included with audio quality up to 128kbps and fantastic stats.

Photo galleries

Publish as many galleries as you like with two different styles to display your photos in pages.

Form builder

Create powerful forms quickly and let your listeners contact presenters or enter competitions via your site.


Update your radio station schedule quickly with changes reflected across all your AudioSpace products.

Affordable prices for all

Powerful products that won't blow the budget.


Save 20% by paying annually

Amazing value streaming

  • 1000 slot stream with stats
  • Stream up to 128kbps, MP3 or AAC
  • No bandwidth limits
  • Free embeddable web player
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Mobile Apps

Save 20% by paying annually

App on both iOS and Android

  • Edit content at any time
  • Customise to your brand
  • Two platforms, one price
  • Free 1,000 slot stream
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Save 20% by paying annually

Feature packed, easy to edit

  • Responsive, stylish templates
  • Easy for anyone to edit content
  • Huge 50GB of hosting included
  • Free 1,000 slot stream
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